About the Founder


Koko Kalango, considers herself ‘an ordinary girl whose life has been made colourful by an extraordinary God’ since she re-committed to Him through faith in Jesus Christ on May 1st 1986. Described by her teenage daughter and son as passionate, playful and prayerful, Koko wears several caps – wife, mother, writer and crusader for education in Africa (through the work of the Rainbow Book Club).

Her fascination with her faith led her to attend the Redeemed Christian Bible College in 1994 after a Bachelors degree in French from the University of Benin (1987). She also holds a Masters in International Relations and Strategic studies from Lancaster University (1998).

Her life has been enriched by her experience living in Africa, Europe and America. Koko enjoys travelling, meeting people and decorating her home which she has built with her husband of 22 years, Aranyam. She says his pragmatic approach to life and uncommon brilliance beautifully complements her and provides the loving leadership under which she blossoms.

Koko is a member of the Bible Society of Nigeria and Chairs the Alpha course in Nigeria’s south. She is the last of five sisters and big sister to their only brother. She was born to a Jamaican mother who was a teacher and a Nigerian father who was a lawyer. Koko credits her parents with her early introduction to a loving God, on whose face, she says, she lives to put a smile, daily.